Garden and Landscape Design School - Florence

Scuola di Architetura del Paesaggio Landscape Design School Школа ландшафтного дизайна Landschaftarchitekturschule Escola de paisagismo
Since 2008

Courses in garden history
Ancient and Mediaeval gardens
Gardens of the Renaissance
English gardens and our times

Design courses
Garden and terrace design

Practical courses
Rose cultivation and pruning
Olive cultivation and pruning
Vine cultivation and pruning
Arranging terraces and balconies
The orchard and kitchen garden
Cooking with herbs

Photography courses
History of photography
Photographing the landscape
Retouching photographs

Visits to parks and gardens
Public gardens of Florence
Secret gardens of Florence
The Boboli Gardens

Photography courses

The photography courses, focusing on the landscape, are open to all those who would like to learn more about photographic techniques: still lives, outdoors and indoors. The courses are divided into three modules: in each one of them a specific subject will be examined, from history of photography to landscape photography and retouching.

The courses in photography are divided into three modules:

A - History of photography
B - Photographing the landscape
C - Retouching photographs

The three modules may be followed separately or in following ways:

Basic: 1 module (A, B or C)
Advanced: 2 modules (A+B, B+C or C+A)
Superior: 3 modules (A+B+C)

Each single course lasts 2 weeks. Classes take place in the afternoons, from Monday to Friday. Besides theory there are also practical lessons in gardens and parks in Florence and Fiesole as well as some laboratory hours.

Though classes are held mainly in Italian, on request, we can organise lessons in English.

The pavement at Villa Jorn, Albissola

To ensure a good teaching level and personal attention the maximum number of participants is limited to 15.

To take part in the courses we request students to have a single-reflex camera as well as lenses and filters.

The programme for each course is as follows:

History of photography
Photographing the landscape
Retouching photographs

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