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Scuola di Architetura del Paesaggio Landscape Design School Школа ландшафтного дизайна Escola de paisagismo
Since 2008

Courses in garden history
Ancient and Mediaeval gardens
Gardens of the Renaissance
English gardens and our times

Design courses
Garden and terrace design 2018

Practical courses
Olive cultivation and pruning
Vine cultivation and pruning

Italian language courses
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Semi-intensive course
Intensive course
Specialisation course
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Art courses
Drawing and painting course
Sculpture course
Mosaics course
Ceramics and pottery course
Photography course

Visits to parks and gardens
Public gardens of Florence
Secret gardens of Florence
The Boboli Gardens

Ancient and Mediaeval Gardens

In this first course we examine the origins of the garden, from Ancient times, through the Roman and Moorish tradition, till the Mediaeval garden in monastery and private house.

The programme for the course is:
- The first garden: the Garden of Eden
- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
- Gardens in Ancient Rome: The Adrian Villa at Tivoli
- Gardens of herculanum and Pompeii and their recreation
- Evolution of the landscape from Rome to the middle Ages
- The hortus conclusus, the secret garden
- The monastery garden in Northern Europe
- The monastery garden in Southern Europe
- The Islamic garden
- Moorish gardens in Spain
Visits to monasteries and historical gardens in Tuscany are also part of the programme.
Gardens of the Renaissance
The cloister at the Chapterhouse at Galluzzo

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